I’m a WordPress Virtual Assistant. I help my clients handle all the technical WordPress stuff and third-party services for their site so they can stress less and create more.

Fact: someone’s gotta maintain your site

It’s gonna be you or someone else *you pay*. But paying for website maintenance is not usually at the top of our list—for obvious reasons. But can you DIY, really? Picking an editor or page builder, permalink structure, SEO score, plugin updates or configuration, backups? Do they freak you out? Do they keep you up at night? Do you even want to think about any of this? Of course not!

Winging your website maintenance is risky business. We can think of a few things that could go wrong…

× Having your website go down without a backup

× Having to blunder through another WordPress update on your own

× Loosing a potential customer or sale

× Being frustrated by a bug that just won’t go away

Keeping your site professionally maintained is the best way to keep your site online, safe, healthy, groomed, and up-to-date. That’s where a wordPress VA comes in.

WordPress Support Services

Minimise your risk, get tech help when you need it, and sleep like a baby. Step aside and let me geek out on ALL the WP technical stuff for you so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Service includes formatting and uploading of your content, monthly updates, backups, security hardening, and more.

Limited: 5 slots available

Basic Plan: $29.00/mo

  • Content Uploads & Updates ?
  • Plugins & Theme updates ?
  • Security ?
  • Regular Backups ?
  • Weekly website check ?
  • Bugs Fix ?
  • Monthly Maintenance Report ?

Stardard Plan: $59.00/mo

  • ALL Basic plan features
  • New plugins setup ?
  • Landing Pages & CTAs ?
  • List Building & Newsletters ?
  • Courses/Products setup ?
  • Minor coding ?
  • 5 x small jobs
  • and More…

Don’t need monthly support?

If you’re not ready for a monthly plan yet, that’s OK. You can hire me to do a one-time job on your site like—blog setup or redesign, blog migration, plugin/service setup, theme tweaks, bugs fix, etc.

Blog setup/design

From $250

Autoresponder setup

From $95

Plugin/theme setup

From $25

Bug fix

From $25


Solomon Ikpekpe


“I was looking to build a personal website when I found Martins, a friend recommended him to me. We have been working together for about a year now and I am satisfied with the outcome of our work.”

Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo

M.D, Reach-Out & Link-Up Ltd

“Martins helped setup and managed the blog section of our company’s business listing website. I will send him articles and he did the necessary tweaking and posting on the blog, as a virtual blogger assistant. I enjoyed working with him for those few months”

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