I am a WordPress Virtual Assistant & Consultant. With my 5+ years experience, I help others start, manage & grow their own Blogs to share their knowledge and explore How to Benefit from it.

If you are interested in blogging but...

  • You can't set up a blog by yourself...
  • You can't set up a plugin that you need for your blog to function properly...
  • You don't know what to blog about...
  • You need an assitant to help in the technical day to day running of your blog...
  • You need someone to handle the formating, uploading & posting of your content on your blog...

That’s where I come in…

I’m Martins. For over 5 years, I have setup and managed blogs and also taught blogging. As martins Blogger, I attempt to simplify the complex world of blogging and wordpress for individuals and businesses who are serious about blogging, be it for passion or profits. And I do that by first understanding what you want out of blogging, and then work with you towards setting up and/or running a blog to achieve your goal.

work with me

Let me geek out on the technical stuff so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best.​


Whether you’d like to start a blog as a creative endeavor or to help market your business, share your talents, or connect with others, what you need is a WordPress blog with a custom domain. It oozes of professionalism. Don’t just own a blog, own a professional blog! Let me set up your blog for you.

Check out some of the features you get with this offer:
  • Domain & Hosting Setup
  • SSL & Security
  • Plugins Installation & Setup
  • Landing Page(s)
  • Newsletter & Contact Form(s) Setup
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Woocommerce/EDD for Products/Courses
  • HIRE FEE: $100 $250
  • PS: If you only need help setting up a WordPress Plugin or Theme, I can do it for you for just $25.


A virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other persons/businesses from a remote location. As your V.A Blogger, I will handle all the blogging technical stuffs of your blog while you focus solely on creating your content (writings, podcasts, etc).

Check out some of the features you get with this offer:
  • Comments Moderation & Approval
  • Monthly Backups
  • Content Formating & Posting
  • Themes & Plugins Updates
  • Themes & Plugins Installation
  • Errors Debugging & Fix
  • 24/7 Suppport
  • HIRE FEE: $30 Per Month


Do you have questions about blogging? Do you need help picking a niche, domain name or not sure if blogging is for you? We can figure it out together.

years of experience
10 +

What My Clients Are Saying...

“Martins helped setup and managed the blog section of our company's business listing website. I will send him articles and he did the necessary tweaking and posting on the blog, as a virtual blogger assistant. I enjoyed working with him for those few months.”
Chief sir emeka asinugo
“I was looking to build a personal website when I found Martins, a friend recommended him to me. We worked together for about a week and I am satisfied with the outcome of our work.”
Solomon Ikpekpe
“Martins created our website and has been managing the blog ever since. He keeps the blog updated by posting articles we send to him to put up there. We've been working with for over 4 years and we hope to keep working with him in the future. Thanks for being our virtual blogger assistant.”
enang. boniface solution
“Martins ALWAYS has the BEST tips/suggestions about blogging and he explains things in a way that make sense to me!”
“Martins helped me setup my blog, and also taught me about blogging. I am happy to work with him and will recommend him because he always follows up even after finishing the job .”
Progress Ojinika
“Martins helped me build my first blog and taught me how to use it. He is my go to guy whenever I want to start up any blog. He always delivers!”
Abiola sanuth

Have Questions?
I've Got answers.

Yes. The $150 blog setup & $25 plugin setup fee is a one-time payment. However, the virtual assistant $30 fee is a monthly fee.

No. The setup fee is basically my “Hire” fee. It does not include domain and hosting, or any other extra cost incurred.

You can pay via PayPal, Cryptocurrency , Debit cards or Direct Bank deposit.

You get to have your sleek website within 7-14 working days after contents have been sent in.


Basic information about you, about your blog, your contact details and services/products description.

Yes. You will also get free support from me where I can walk you through the process.

Definitely. Your blog will be ready for you to post your contents and share your posts.

You can opt-in for my free consultation service, where I’ll tell you how to go about writing your content.

Have any issues or questions? I’m available to help you with them. You can get in touch with me via email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check my contact page for my contact details.